UT-K is lucky to have him
by ThreeD (2019-02-12 10:09:43)

In reply to: It was a move just about any AD would've made at the time.  posted by mocopdx

Whether it was right or not is tough to judge as an outsider. My familiarity with both UTs (Austin and Knoxville) lends me to take a there's-probably-more-to-the-story approach.

Barnes is a great guy off the court. Supports my wife's school and a research & service center at UT I helped start, so my perspective is skewed.

That said, his current success centers around a high-quality cohort of players, each of whom may benefit from each other more than anything else. It's a core of players that reminds me of Brey's best teams in terms of character.

We'll see what happens in upcoming seasons after this year's graduation & NBA draft. I'm not heavy into recruiting, but one of their incoming recruits is a family friend and plays at our HS. Another high-character kid. We'll see if the on-court success continues.

It may have been a perfect storm setting for Barnes to walk into or he may have figured out a way to tap into some regional talent that typically ended up elsewhere (UK, UL, Memphis, Vandy).