If we land Anthony, I'm not sure starting Hubb makes sense
by ndzippy (2019-02-12 11:17:49)

In reply to: Just for fun - who would start?  posted by BigNDfan

I'd prefer to surround Anthony with better shooters, and then have Hubb lead the second unit as a high-energy ball distributor type. So my first unit would look like this:

G - Anthony (Role: Primary Perimeter Scorer & Ball Handler)
G - Gibbs (Role: Secondary Scorer & Ball Handler)
G - Pflueger (Role: Defensive Specialist)
F - Mooney (Role: Primary Paint Scorer & Rebounder)
C - Durham (Role: Rim Protection/Rebounder)

When we want to go with a more offensive attack, I'd load up with shooters:

G - Anthony
G - Gibbs
G - Goodwin
F - Mooney
F - Lasz

If we need more defense, I'd go with this group:

G - Anthony
G - Hubb
G - Pfluger
F - Mooney
F - Durham

I realize I haven't accounted for Harvey yet, but I'm not sure how he'd fit in with the rest of the crew. I also haven't accounted for Carmody, mainly because I'm not exactly sure what his full game looks like.

Man, it would be something to land Anthony!