This is very different
by CrazyMary (2023-03-26 15:48:41)

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A connection wasn’t going to be “built”. Maybe an established “relationship” is a better term to use. I’m going to be intentionally sort of vague here as the specific details don’t matter to the “why” you’re asking.

Initially, the kid came to IN as essentially just a sponsored African exchange student soccer player. He’d barely picked up a basketball in his life but people saw the obvious with his height, elite athleticism etc and the chance to better his overall life as money is non-existent. Most everyone thought he could maybe develop into a small to low mid-major player in-time. That all changed when he picked up the game so quickly, excellent footwork, good hands etc. Well keep in mind, his Congo family sent him to the US to be cared for and trusted by an exchange student program that helps kids get an improved overall life and education via basketball/sports. Everyone who inquired knew of said plan including folks in the Congo who were happy with the plan in place for the kid as they wanted to make sure he was cared for properly by trusted individuals.

Then suddenly the kid picks up basketball insanely fast and dominated the NBA camp. Now all of a sudden the elite schools are like wow. Dig into things and some think there could be a crack of a chance with some key people now that the kid has a chance to play at the very highest of programs not only college but the NBA.

I used to go to King’s Island as a kid, fun times.