Jared Goff saw the kind of pressure and looks...
by wiNDycityfan (2018-12-10 12:03:54)
Edited on 2018-12-10 12:07:52

In reply to: Man, people are overstating things here  posted by sprack

Trubisky doesn’t see in a season. Weather was not an excuse - it can in fact be a case for Goff’s play, not Trubisky’s. Wind had no impact on anybody’s play either.

I’ve seen Trubisky sail and one-hope more passes this season than I ever saw Jay Cutler do. Bears offense is Tarik, slants and crossing routes within 10 yds, checkdowns, and breakdown runs, because of his limitations. People talk about being in this system for less than a year as an excuse, when in fact it is the system that makes him appear better than what he is.

Nagy will continue make Trubisky look better-than-ordinary, but he’s as polished as a still standing 70’s swingset. It appeared to me he could reach Jim McMahon level. My money is on Bubby Brister.