NFL's Most Disappointing
by IndianaLee (2018-12-11 07:51:55)

While watching the only NFL contest aired on Sunday afternoon, a dreadful Lions/Cardinals matchup, I had plenty of time to ponder on the season to date. Specifically, that an enormous amount of parity must exist in order to explain all of the "near.500" squads.

Considering the surprising downturns with a number of squads, which team do you believe has been the most disappoint thus far (when compared to preseason expectations)?

Pittsburgh 7-5-1 (though in 1st place in their division)
Jacksonville 4-9
Philadelphia 6-7
Minnesota 6-6-1
Green Bay 5-7-1
Carolina 6-7
Atlanta 4-9

On the flip-side, I think it'd be fair to make the case for Chicago as the NFL's single most over-achieved (again, based on prognostications).