Rather cruel to stick South Bend with Lions-Cardinals
by ShermanOaksND (2018-12-11 09:09:11)

In reply to: NFL's Most Disappointing  posted by IndianaLee

That never would've happened in decades past. A game like that this late in the season usually would've been aired only in Detroit, or perhaps also Phoenix in the unlikely event it was sold out. There were even late-season Bears games that weren't shown in South Bend if both the Bears and their opponent were out of the playoff race.

I guess they really want to force some people to get NFL Sunday Ticket.

As for most disappointing team, it has to be the Jaguars. They started 3-1 and played the then-undefeated Chiefs in what was viewed as a huge showdown. They lost 30-14, then got blown out at Dallas, and are now in a 1-8 tailspin. They'll probably finish 4-12 or 5-11 -- they might beat also-disappointing Washington this week.