An interesting question in the age of parity
by DakotaDomer (2018-12-11 11:47:38)

In reply to: First Place Schedules  posted by HTownND

Which teams have played each other the most based on the parity scheduling? I wonder, not counting playoffs, if the teams that have played each other (same conference different division) the most are either annually good teams (Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Falcons?) or annually shitty teams (Browns, Bills, 9ers, Bucs)

Or maybe the sample size is small enough that the highest pairs on this list wouldn't be annually anything (good, bad, mediocre) but rather they've timed their parity to sync up well with another team and only diverge on 1 in 3 years that they play each other annually.

I still have a hard time believing that 1/8 of the schedule is the cause of all the parity in the NFL. I think the draft might have more to do with it than the scheduling...but it certainly looks like scheduling is a big piece. I'd be interested to know how the road/home parity works.