All sorts of reasons the team is bad.
by G.K.Chesterton (2018-12-17 13:24:50)

In reply to: Jordy Nelson's absence seems to be a factor.  posted by OITLinebacker

No edge rushing.
Best two interior DL out (Daniels, Clark).
OL problem at right tackle.
Aaron Jones got hurt yesterday early in the game and wasn't used enough before McCarthy got fired.
Jimmy Graham has been a disappointment. Tight ends needs sweeping out except for Tonyan.
#2 receiver went on IR many games ago (Alison).
Rodgers making bad throws (look at the overthrow when Cobb was open downfield)

I don't know who they will get to coach this team with a highly-paid future HOF QB who is aging and might be not amenable to change. Coaching the Browns sounds much better right now.