The Packers have issues aplenty but the rebuild can be quick
by Beer30Light (2018-12-17 16:18:28)

In reply to: Rodgers is not close to the player he was.  posted by ndroman21

If you look at their results this season, six of the eight Packers losses were within one score of their opponent and if you watched the Redskins or Patriots games, they were both close games until late in the fourth quarter.

Also, at 5-8-1 the Packers have a +1 point differential on the year. At 7-7, the Dolphins have a -79 point differential.

Don't get me wrong, this is a poorly-coached and disappointing football team this year, but a few quick fixes and they're back in the playoffs next year.

First, we'll start with Rodgers. He needs discipline and a better offensive scheme. His footwork is sloppy, he's obsessed with not throwing interceptions, he's missing his targets and he's making the wrong reads on a lot of plays. That's all on Rodgers and can be fixed quickly a la McCarthy with Favre ten years ago.

He just needs a coach to put together a game plan that fits their current talent, makes him more disciplined in the pocket and then hopefully figures out how to get him more in sync with his WRs and reads.

Green Bay doesn't have a meddling owner, has arguably the best QB in football and has a head start on the candidate search, they'll have their choice of the litter.

Second is that offensive line needs help. They have a patchwork starter at right guard, no depth and injuries occur seemingly every year. They should sign a veteran guard for depth (they have ~$46M in free cap space in 2019), will likely draft another 1-2 guys in 2019 (they have 10 picks, presently) and will hopefully finally part ways with Jason Spriggs and the rollerskates he seemingly wears every Sunday.

Third is the edge rusher position. Pettine does a nice job generating pressure from everywhere, but they aren't fooling anyone with their pedestrian edge rushers. The 2019 draft has a ton of d-line and pass rush talent. The Packers have two 1st round draft picks and two 4th round picks in 2019, which means they'll have six selections in the first ~120 picks of the draft. Take two edge rushers with those picks and hope one pans out.

Fourth is developing young talent at WR and CB. Rookie DBs and WRs notoriously struggle in the NFL. Some would argue it's a combination of intellect (DBs have the lowest Wonderlic scores of any position) and adjusting to pro scheme. Generally in their third year, WRs will show their full potential and DBs generally follow suit.

The Packers spent their first and second round picks over the last two years on defensive backs: Kevin King, Josh Jones, Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson. Jones and Jackson appear to be struggling rookies while Alexander and King (if he can stay healthy) look the part already.

As for wide receivers, Green Bay drafted three this year. St. Brown looks the part despite his compatibility issues with Rodgers and Valdez-Scantling had a good run before teams figured out he has a tough time with physicality on the line of scrimmage.

With more seasoning, I'd imagine both groups will look much stronger next season.

Too long, didn't read?

If Green Bay does these four things in the offseason:

1. Finds a coach that can discipline Rodgers
2. Signs a veteran offensive guard
3. Drafts a few pass rushers in a pass rush-heavy draft and hits on one
4. Lets their young DBs and WRs develop in the next few games/upcoming offseason

don't be surprised if the 2019 NFC North Championship hats collect dust on store shelves in Wisconsin as fans aspire for greater accomplishments instead of being worn by fans and players celebrating the feat like they won the f*cking Super Bowl this year.