Yeah - it's hard to see any real "plan" here ...
by BIGSKYND (2018-12-18 17:58:31)

In reply to: these decisions appear to be the general moves  posted by steelhop

it's harder to see why Holmgren is still there. Comcast must be afraid that he's going to lace up the skates and board them. Sticking Hart into this looks a lot like a desperate public relations move. How many NHL Goalies these days can handle starting at his age? As I pointed out the Habs probably delayed Price's track by a couple of years and he actually had a decent D in front of him when they made dumped it on him. Philly's D blows goats right now. Hart may start off with a bang but I don't see how a guy who just turned 20 is ready to handle this starting assignment over 2/3 of a season.