What does it say about the Bears, then...
by ndroman21 (2018-12-19 09:58:59)
Edited on 2018-12-19 10:01:40

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...that they managed a 1-1 record with an aggregate +6 against the Packers this year?

The Packers have lost one score games to the Bears, Rams, Seahawks, and Vikings, all playoff teams this year.

Their tie against the Vikings was essentially a result of early confusion over the changes to the roughing the passer penalty.

I don't think their talent is completely deficient or that they need a complete rebuild. My worry is that the front office looks to be in disarray, reverting to a management structure last seen during the Lindy Infante days.

My 2nd biggest worry is that Aaron Rodgers may be a larger presence that any coach., but that remains to be seen.