What a finish to NDN NFL ā€˜18 Fantasy Show League...
by wiNDycityfan (2018-12-25 10:16:19)
Edited on 2018-12-25 10:17:45

I knew I could ride Ben Roethslisberger to good/great output this season, to complement my workhorses Alvin Kamara and AJ Green. But nabbing Jason White, Amari Toomer, Jaylen Samuels, Derrick Henry (at the perfect time), Josh Gordon, Calvin Ridley (early on), and to an extent Andy Dalton off the scrap heap, was crucial to my success this year.

Yes, my lack of patience made me do some real dumb moves, dumping Nick Chubb, Eric Ebron, ignoring James Conner while he was still available, Phillip Lindsey and Alshon Jeffrey way too early, and almost cost me, but somehow persisting with the bargain bin, and striking gold in key matchups when I needed it the most, pushed me over the finish line.

Stupidest move was to reach for Greg Olsen (in lieu of TY Hilton) in the 3rd round. I was dead set on Tyreek Hill and Get Schwifty snatched him right off my hands. From that point on my draft was a run on desperation. Iā€™m still hoarse from that night.

Anyway, good times. Look forward to next year. My goal is already to be more patient and have a better regular season.

Congrats to Wossamotta, the regular season champion, and thanks to the field and the Commish for another fun season.

Merry Christmas and Congrats and thanks El K
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Congrats on all your tinkering, I thought the Samuels move was your finest, enabling you to use a running back in the TE position. It didn't make much a difference in the final, you had other studs and the score differential was greater than his contribution, but I think it had a huge impact on the semifinal - without looking it up. This is the fifth season I've played and I finally got a playoff win - so there is that.

You must've enjoyed the Steelers - Saints game. For most of the 3rd quarter, it seemed like Rothlisberger made a play and on the next series, Kamara answered. Perfect for your team. I needed 31 / 32 on Monday Night and figured with Lindsay and the Denver D going, I had a chance, given the best efforts of each throughout the season. I only got 6, as they were both far away from their best performances. In fact, I think Lindsay got hurt, I wasn't able to watch the game. Your team peaked at the right time and with the high overall score in week 16, you won in style. Congrats again.

Although I won 9 in a row, it was mostly with duct tape and bailing wire. I never had a reliable WR option, but between McCaffery and Lindsay at RB, and some of the best performances I've had in 5 years by DEF and Kickers at critical times, plus some opponents just having some bad luck with usually reliable players, I eeked out some wins I shouldn't have had.

I think the trade with El K sending me Ertz and me sending K Hunt benefited both of us. I know I won 7 of 8 to end the season with Ertz. Too bad for El K with Hunt being kicked out of the NFL. I thought his lineup was among the couple most fearsome week to week. Same with KC in real life as that team is just not the same without Hunt.

Wossamotta U by the "benefit" of Jake Elliott outscoring Zack Ertz by 2 points in the Monday night game of week 13 won the first seed only to be smoked by the 8th seed, Get Schwifty, in round 1. A game we all would have lost but you. Had Ertz outscored Elliott in week 13, I would be sitting winless for playoffs still. Nonetheless, to win the regular season is impressive. Congrats WU.

I agree with your sentiments that is was always fun, and look forward to rolling again next year.

Thanks Mike for your work pulling this together. Running my office league, I know that it requires a little extra effort.