Merry Christmas and Congrats and thanks El K
by JC (2018-12-26 12:19:29)

In reply to: What a finish to NDN NFL ‘18 Fantasy Show League...  posted by wiNDycityfan

Congrats on all your tinkering, I thought the Samuels move was your finest, enabling you to use a running back in the TE position. It didn't make much a difference in the final, you had other studs and the score differential was greater than his contribution, but I think it had a huge impact on the semifinal - without looking it up. This is the fifth season I've played and I finally got a playoff win - so there is that.

You must've enjoyed the Steelers - Saints game. For most of the 3rd quarter, it seemed like Rothlisberger made a play and on the next series, Kamara answered. Perfect for your team. I needed 31 / 32 on Monday Night and figured with Lindsay and the Denver D going, I had a chance, given the best efforts of each throughout the season. I only got 6, as they were both far away from their best performances. In fact, I think Lindsay got hurt, I wasn't able to watch the game. Your team peaked at the right time and with the high overall score in week 16, you won in style. Congrats again.

Although I won 9 in a row, it was mostly with duct tape and bailing wire. I never had a reliable WR option, but between McCaffery and Lindsay at RB, and some of the best performances I've had in 5 years by DEF and Kickers at critical times, plus some opponents just having some bad luck with usually reliable players, I eeked out some wins I shouldn't have had.

I think the trade with El K sending me Ertz and me sending K Hunt benefited both of us. I know I won 7 of 8 to end the season with Ertz. Too bad for El K with Hunt being kicked out of the NFL. I thought his lineup was among the couple most fearsome week to week. Same with KC in real life as that team is just not the same without Hunt.

Wossamotta U by the "benefit" of Jake Elliott outscoring Zack Ertz by 2 points in the Monday night game of week 13 won the first seed only to be smoked by the 8th seed, Get Schwifty, in round 1. A game we all would have lost but you. Had Ertz outscored Elliott in week 13, I would be sitting winless for playoffs still. Nonetheless, to win the regular season is impressive. Congrats WU.

I agree with your sentiments that is was always fun, and look forward to rolling again next year.

Thanks Mike for your work pulling this together. Running my office league, I know that it requires a little extra effort.