I would love to get Harper
by DBCooper (2019-01-05 07:37:29)

In reply to: I hope the Yankees stay away from these overpriced stiffs *  posted by Jvan

I think he would be superstar in NY.( not that he already isn’t) A lineup of Judge, Harper, Stanton would terrify pitchers. And I think they need him more then they want to let people believe.

I’m not sold on Machado as much. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great player, but his playoff comments and numbers scare me, they have Andujar who looks like a budding all star at 3B, and I get the feeling NY might be too much for him.

As I said below it looks like I was wrong, but I always thought the Yankees would go hard after Harper and he wanted to come to NY, so it seemed like it would work out.