Scheme, matchups, looks and fits ...
by CJC (2019-01-06 18:48:22)

Players still have to be able to make plays on offense.

And the Bears -- withe exception of 5-6 Tarik Cohen -- aren't very good at that.

On this most recent drive (just after the Eagles went up 10-6), Gabriel was in position, Trubisky -- for a change -- put the ball right where it was supposed to be, and Gabriel got physically manhandled by the DB, resulting in an incompletion.

On the next play, Trubisky had more than adequate protection, once again had to check down after plenty of time to find a receiver downfield, but instead had to check down, and the receiver wasn't able to make a defender miss in the open field to get to the first down line.

I don't care how good the defense is, you're not going to get far in the playoffs with an offense like this.

Oh, and Pro Bowler Kyle Fuller looks like he's playing on roller skates.