Taking his final time out when he did ...
by CJC (2019-01-06 20:03:03)
Edited on 2019-01-06 20:13:01

In reply to: Game manager Nagy got us again.  posted by Porpoiseboy

was Kelly-esque in its stupidity.

More bad plays by players not ready for primetime since my previous post:

Bellamy not adjusting to a well-thrown ball by Trubisky to be able to stay on his feet and score standing up.

Robinson failing to get his second foot down on a sideline attempted catch.

You're not playing CYO football, guys. When you have chances to make plays against the defending Super Bowl champs in the playoffs, you have to make them. You don't get an unlimited number of opportunities.

It's a shame that this defense will be severely limited by this offense for years to come.

And it's a wonder that Robbie Gould has time to do anything else besides make field goals, count his money and laugh at the Bears' perpetual kicking ineptness.