I hope you’re wrong on that point.
by bizdomer09 (2019-01-11 07:13:51)
Edited on 2019-01-11 07:22:25

In reply to: MLB/MLBPA will negotiate to narrow steroid illegality/tests  posted by Father Nieuwland

I may walk away from the game given one more age of steroids with inflated BS performance. I’m not so naive as to think that there isn’t performance enhancement in the game now, but at least it’s held in check relative to the clownery of 15 years ago.

I’m also not sure if players collectively would be interested in returning to a system where individuals need to juice aggressively just to keep up, even if it means longer peaks and careers (which in a zero sums game in terms of roster spots, would mean for fewer players). I hope they wouldn’t want that, and I hope they would see the harm that would do to interest in the game, which is already an issue.

I think a better solution to moving $ to players, a reasonable concern given that the old system of big contracts for thirty+ year olds is in jeopardy, would be to address the market distortion created by restrictions on contracts for younger players. Unlock the value that is being suppressed in contracts for star players before they reach their late 20s. I can’t keep track of everyone here but I believe you’ve expressed this point previously. To me this seems like a better outcome and approach to bargaining than pushing for a return to the way things were in the early ‘00s.