On the flip side of that the owners are really raking it in.
by OITLinebacker (2019-01-11 09:08:53)

In reply to: At what point will the baseball players realize it's over  posted by HTownND

Very few teams are approaching the luxury tax and those that do are winning, but for the most part those teams can afford that. Nearly everyone else has seen that they can make money no matter what sort of team they field and how high or low their payroll is. Sure there are more than a few of these teams that catch fire at the right time that they can bump spending for some post season success, but that is few and far between for most clubs. All of the owners are making money hand over fist and they've figured out that if they don't compete to run up these mega contracts they all benefit with more affordable, shorter term deals.

I wouldn't mind if congress decided to re-open the anti-trust bit to force the owners to all open their books.

What I would really really like to see is to force ticket and concession prices be used to match the payroll/expenses on a team. If you have a stingy owner who refuses to sink a lot of money for even a .500 team (Pitt and Miami are examples here), then the fans should enjoy lower prices at the gate.

I'm annoyed that baseball has fallen so far as a national pastime. Some of it is the players fault, but I put a lot of blame of this on the owners.