Only about 1/2 the teams make money though
by 84david (2019-01-11 11:03:58)

In reply to: On the flip side of that the owners are really raking it in.  posted by OITLinebacker

The profitable teams make a shit load. MLB is mainly made up of local TV contracts, with the national contract only a drop in the bucket. For some teams (Like Oakland and Tampa bay) the TV money is only a few million, hardly enough to sustain a major sports franchise. Teams like the Yankees and Dodgers have TV contracts in the hundreds of millions, and can afford 200 million dollar payrolls.

Revenue sharing is going away for the small market teams, so its going to get worse for them. MLB may have to consider contraction, because the big money teams have no plans to profit share.

The NFL is in much better shape overall. Their national contracts are in the billions and get distributed evenly so every team is making a shitload of money. No so in baseball.