by Brew City Domer (2019-01-11 13:32:37)

In reply to: Advanced stats have generally made the game less interesting  posted by NavyJoe

The pitching has to be the biggest opportunity for improvement. Instead of mound visits, limit a team's warmup pitches, to be exceeded only in the event of extra innings or a trip to the DL.

Strikeouts will wane - some teams, Milwaukee included, are actively divesting of high-strikeout players and acquiring low-strikeout players (the Yelich trade was a prime example). Milwaukee has also targeted pitchers with modest strikeout totals and put great defense behind them, Braun and Thames notwithstanding. Other teams will follow suit if it proves successful.

Shifting takes away balls in play, but it's not going to go away. Even if you have to have two on each side of second, with both feet on the dirt, the players will still be placed in the most optimized defensive positioning. The current shifting, especially against lefties, is begging for a meaningful return of bunt base hits. I'm sure advanced analytics is still telling sluggers to swing away, but it's hard to turn down a free 1.000 OBP.