I think Stearns will largely avoid those
by Brew City Domer (2019-01-11 14:27:49)

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Buster Olney used the Grandal signing as an opportunity to write about Stearns:

"He's never been condescending to me," reported another. "I like talking with him. I look forward to that phone call."

But as some agents do their lobbying -- making the case for their clients -- they believe there's little to no chance that they will dent Stearns' imagination. Some agents think he cements a price in his mind about what he's willing to pay for any player, either in a contract or in trade, and Stearns won't deviate from his own mental math.


Stearns' reputation for finding good deals is so well established that when Milwaukee concluded its history-changing deal for Christian Yelich last winter, one of Stearns' peers suggested the trade was a steal for the Brewers even before the entirety of the swap was revealed. Stearns, the rival executive said, wouldn't make a big move unless the deal was stacked in his favor. He's that disciplined.