Before they moved to KC and became the Chiefs,
by BeijingIrish (2019-01-14 09:11:53)

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the old Dallas Texans of the AFL were also pretty good. The Hank Stram-coached Texans won the 1962 AFL championship in their third year of existance when they beat the Houston Oilers (the game was played in Houston IIRC--even back then, the Texans didn't play for a championship in their own stadium). Lamar Hunt moved the team to KC the next year, and years later--by now the leagues had merged--the Oilers moved to Tennessee.

One of the first Denver Bronco games I saw in person was a game against the Dallas Texans in the old Bears Stadium (the Bears were the Denver AAA baseball club in the old American Association). It was the inaugural season for the AFL (1960). The Texans featured Abner Haynes, who won the rushing title in the AFL, I think. He was really good. Ironically, the team that beat out the Texans for the AFL Western Division title were the Los Angeles Chargers, destined to become the San Diego Chargers the next year. If you're really old, and you are, you'll remember that the 1960 Texans featured Jim Crotty, former ND halfback, as one of its players.