I read his statement
by bizdomer09 (2019-01-17 22:02:46)
Edited on 2019-01-18 05:27:04

In reply to: Machado‚Äôs agent blew a hole in that report *  posted by miamioh_irishfan

from which I infer 2 things only:
1) Whether there was any truth behind the 7/175 report or not, the agent did not feel it was in his client's best interest to have that # out there, and therefore decided he should aggressively do his best to snuff it out.
2) The Sox did not formally tender a legally binding and written offer for 7/175 to Machado, thereby rendering the notion that any such offer was made fully deniable.

Beyond that, whether the Sox floated (over the phone or by some other means) 175 for 7 or some other number, or whether Olney has a bad source or there was a bad leak, no one beyond a select few has any idea. My guess is that there's some truth to both sides, but that's just a blind guess.