" ... lined up in the neutral zone ..."
by CJC (2019-01-21 12:02:59)

In reply to: The Chiefs got hosed  posted by ShermanOaksND

Those words would be haunting me for a long time if I were a Chiefs fan.

Roughing the passer was horrible call and the former official commentating had the balls to honestly say that you can't "guess" your way into that call -- you have to be sure you see it.

The officiating was horrible all day long -- I thought that they did a particularly bad job applying the appropriate standard of review in both games (when did the standard become "clear and obvious," as Perreira (sp?) kept saying? -- not that it matters because in context that's synonymous with whatever the standard is -- irrefutable or whatever).

And the non-call at the expense of the Saints will be talked about forever.

But you gotta control what you can control and the Chiefs had a chance to win that game by lining up onsides.