by HTownND (2019-01-21 12:55:29)

In reply to: Is it lowballing given the market though?  posted by ndark

8 years at 30 million plus is a lot for anyone in today's game.

There are 4 players making more than 30M per year, and one of them is a giant albatross of a contract.

I don't think that's the bar for these guys.

If I were GM/King, I'd offer Machado something like

Year 1 - $35M
Year 2 - $35M
Year 3 - $35M
Year 4 - $30M
Year 5 - $25M
Year 6 - $25M

Then a few option years.

He'd be the highest paid player in baseball over the next 3 years (or in the top 2-3) with a rampdown starting in his 30 year old season (year 4).