Bias? They pitch 60 innings a year
by Brew City Domer (2019-01-23 10:37:13)

In reply to: I'm surprised at Mo's being unanimous b/c of closer bias. *  posted by SavageDragon

Should Mo have been the first unanimous player? Probably not, but only because it should have happened a while ago with some inner-circle legends (Ruth, Robinson, Gehrig, Mays, Mantle, Williams, etc.). He's a no-doubt, first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, and probably the only one from his line of work.

But he faced 268 batters per year. Halladay faced 3x as many. To put it into perspective, Here is a list of batters from last year who had roughly the same number of plate appearances as Mo's average batters-faced. By contrast, elite batters are putting up 650+ PAs per year.