I can never argue against Jordan
by bizdomer09 (2019-01-25 07:35:21)

In reply to: Gehrig's career WS OPS of 1.241 raises question whether...  posted by Scoop80

He played both sides of the ball for the whole game. In that sense Rivera can’t compare. Jordan essentially dominated the NBA playoffs for the ‘90s. Even before the Bulls broke through against the Pistons, Detroit’s entire game plan was built around Jordan.

I can give you Gehrig for the World Series, but his playoff record (about 150 ABs) is not extensive enough to compare to what Rivera did in 140 innings across nearly 100 appearances. Of course it’s not at all Gehrig’s fault that there was only one playoff round then. Had he been given the opportunity to replicate what he did a few more times over across 700 plate appearances like Jeter, maybe he would have been able to maintain that same level of performance as we see with Rivera, but it’s highly unlikely.

If we are talking about most impressive individual cumulative playoff stat line, I’ll stand by my original answer of Rivera. He controlled the part of the game he could influence (9th and sometimes 8th from the mound) beyond what anyone has ever done in any sport. If we’re picking someone who controlled entire playoff seasons, then that opens up the conversation and I would go with Jordan. Sorry Bill Russell there were 9 teams in the NBA when you played.