The Pats weren’t mentally ready to play the Bears defense...
by wiNDycityfan (2019-01-27 10:48:10)
Edited on 2019-01-27 13:03:30

In reply to: Never saw a team as intimidated as the Pats were that day.  posted by BeastOfBourbon

And it was evident right off the bat.

Tony Eason ditching the ball as quickly as he could, Stanley Morgan’s two dropped passes (one in the redzone), and Craig James’ “strip” fumble were clear signals they had not recovered from the physical butt whipping earlier that season at Soldier Field.

The Pats defense stood tall for a quarter and a half, but they were on the field forever, and the steady diet of Suhey and Gault broke their will. By the time Jimmy Mac snuck it in to make it 30-3 early in the 3rd Quarter, Raymond Berry may as well have thrown in the flag.

In today’s NFL this was probably as incompetent game plan as there was. Bears brought in 9 on 3rd downs - and everybody knew it. Tony Eason had 2.5 seconds before he started running for his life - with nowhere to go to upfield. Brutal.