Duly note one thing on both Harper and Machado
by sprack (2019-02-01 11:42:06)
Edited on 2019-02-01 11:53:46

In reply to: Worst MLB contracts per ESPN  posted by Groundhog

Each is only 26 so are not older players. A 7 year contract in each case is reasonable. A ten year contract is ridiculous.

Pujols is signed until he's 41! What the hell did the Angels expect him to do at that age?

Are they still paying Josh Hamilton, too, BTW?

On Davis, it's like giving that contract to Rob Deer, because Davis is a latter day Rob Deer. The guy was below the Mendoza line as late as 2014 before he signed his current contract. And because of Davis's contract, the O's could't afford to keep Machado. Dan Duquette had to be one the worst GMs in baseball history.