I think is the general view. Hart has played average hockey
by Steelhop (2019-02-04 16:46:31)

In reply to: Hart looks very good ...  posted by BIGSKYND

It is just way better than the turd the Flyers were getting prior to him being called up. But, he looks really good from what I've seen. He is still young, they are still sheltering him. He has played really good given his age, experience, etc. Hopefully, he can continue to that play and even improve. As a Flyers fan, I've seen this before so I'm hesitant to say the goalie position has been solved.

I know the Flyers are only 7 points away from the last WC spot but that is only because of this 7 game winning streak and the Blue Jackets 5 game losing streak. They should come back to earth. Outside of Saturday, their offense has not played great over the streak. They've just gotten some breaks. I would be mad if this streak makes them buyers at the deadline instead of sellers.

Being sellers, I think Simmonds is as good as gone at the trade deadline. Someone will overplay for him.

I think someone will try to get Gudas. He's played very good and provides a good vet presence that I'd like to see on the team next year. But, if a great offer comes, you take it. Someone will likely also make a play for Ghost. Unless it is someone obscene, then I'd say no to that.

In off season, I think you are going to see the Flyers do anything they can to get out from under Voracek's contract if they can. Probably a trade with another middling team looking to trade a guy with a similar contract the needs a change of scenery Voracek needs.

Additions, they absolutely need a sniper on the wings. They struggle to score because they have too many pass first type of guys like G and not enough snipers. Depending on what happens to Gudas, the might need a Veteran defenseman to settle the kids. Even if Gudas stays, they might try to get another one.

I think of the biggest underrated questions the Flyers will have is whether to have Hart/Stoli as their goalie rotation next year or bring in a vet to back up Hart.