I actually like the way Hart has played ...
by BIGSKYND (2019-02-04 18:06:03)

In reply to: I think is the general view. Hart has played average hockey  posted by Steelhop

better than I thought, although as I said I'd give it more time. I'm pretty critical based on my G background and focus but what I've noticed that I wasn't expecting is a generally steady mental game. FWIW he's got better raw skills IMHO than Stolarz and he's at least as solid on fundamentals. I think most scouts would tell you he has a higher upside. As for bringing in a vet, Bobrovsky is the only pending UFA I'd bother with and there are risks there, as well as other "issues", including him not wanting to be the guy fronting for Hart. Lehner is a UFA but I'd be surprised if the Isles don't take a run at him - and I keep waiting for his injury history to crop up again. The rest? Smith, Talbot, Varlamov, etc are a visit to the craps table. Gudas is very unlikely to draw a great offer from anybody in their right mind. Ghost might. If you're looking to dump Voracek that's diving into rebuild mode rather than compete now, IMHO.