Why did Reinsdorf show slavish loyalty to Krause for...
by Scoop80 (2019-02-04 21:51:43)
Edited on 2019-02-04 22:18:37

In reply to: I will defer on the reasons for the ChiSox matters  posted by Chuck84

18 years? What made Reinsdorf think in late 90's that Krause could (metaphorically) tear down this temple and rebuild it in 3 days? Other than the Pippen/Grant '87 draft, what was there in Krause's background that justified such faith? B. Sellers, S. King (a lottery pick IIRC), Will Vanderbilt, Jeff Sanders--there were lots of whiffs in there.

Replacing Collins w/ Jackson proved to be a brilliant move. Clumsily forcing out Jackson and bringing in Tim Floyd--not quite so brilliant. Krause's ability to make Charlie Weis look like a people person by comparison and his obsessive secrecy to the point of paranoia should also be recalled.

As to Reinsdorf's other team, his eagerly joining the "fireater" group of owners leading up to the '94 labor debacle still rankles. After nearly reaching the WS in '93, the Sox were in 1st at the time of the stoppage. They had a brilliant run of #1 picks (McDowell, Ventura, Thomas, and Fernandez) from 1987-90 that could've formed the core of a long-term powerhouse in the 90's. His hirings of LaMont and Bevington in that era didn't help, either.