Bud (and Wendy) Selig were worse than Reinsdorf.
by G.K.Chesterton (2019-02-05 22:13:26)

In reply to: Jerry Reinsdorf Scorecard Update  posted by CJC

Bud ran the Brewers from 1970 - 1998. His daughter ran the club from 1998 - 2004.

0 World Series championships
1 American League championship (1982)
2 Divisional titles (1981 (split-season), 1982)
0 Wild Card appearances
One post-season series victory if I have this right,

He has a heart of gold and kept the Brewers in Milwaukee and got a new park, but let's contrast that with Mark Attanasio, who has owned the club for 14 years, less than half the time of the Seligs:

0 World Series championships
0 American League championships
2 Divisional titles (2011, 2018)
1 Wild Card appearances (2008)
Two post-season series victories if I have this right,