DH in NL would be the last straw for me as well
by Father Nieuwland (2019-02-06 15:37:16)
Edited on 2019-02-06 15:44:25

In reply to: Baseball, about to jump the shark  posted by HTownND

Man on 2nd in extra innings is stupid, but I could still care about the game because it would happen infrequently.

All nine players playing the field and batting is fundamental to the game.

Why just one DH? Just have the nine best batters hit and not field and have the nine best fielders field and not hit. Any maybe we can have designated runners for all of the designated hitters, so the best runners run and slow guys don't have to leave the batters box.

Platoons - like football. Or girls six on six basketball.

Baseball will live without me, but if the NL has the DH I don't care if baseball lives or dies.