Other changes they are looking at...
by DBCooper (2019-02-06 16:32:00)

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1. Forcing pitchers to face at least three batters within an inning.

2. Limiting mound visits. MLB wants to go from six (installed last year) to four in 2019 and then three in 2020.

3. A pitch clock.

4. The DH being installed in the NL.

5. As a way to try to combat tanking, the union proposed that any team that lost 90 or more games in consecutive years would drop 15 places in the June draft and have its international pool money reduced by $2 million. If it occurred for three straight years, draft position would drop 20 places and $3 million would be taken away in international pool money. In addition, the union recommended restructuring revenue sharing to give more money to low-revenue teams that are succeeding in the wins-losses column.

6. As a way to try to combat service-time manipulation — keeping strong prospects down to impact when they could begin arbitration and free agency — the union proposed that a first-year player would be awarded a full year of service if he were top three in Rookie of the Year, MVP, Cy Young or the Mariano Rivera/Trevor Hoffman relief awards; the LCS or World Series MVP or led a league in Wins Above Replacement based on a blend of the formulas of Baseball Reference and FanGraphs.

7. As a way to improve the game experience for fans, the union offered to allow more players and dugouts to be miked, and to have two-way mikes between players so that in-game conversations could be heard by fans. In addition, the union agreed that half-inning breaks could be shortened, possibly by following the model used by the NFL to go to a split screen of returning action and an advertisement.

8. The union proposed having a single trade deadline as early as before the All-Star Game as a way to force teams to try to win early and not sell off late. The proposal also made recommendations on expanding the playoff field and realigning divisions. Between the MLB and union proposal, there also were recommendations for studying the lowering of the mound, expanding the rosters to 26 in exchange for a September lowering to 28 and allowing major league contracts to amateur two-sport athletes such as Kyler Murray.