Attendance is down because of tanking.
by OITLinebacker (2019-02-08 08:52:22)

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Baseball seasons/games are built around hope. Cubs fans could tell you that for almost a Century as they filed in every season early, but tickets got easier and easier to come by as their chances wilted.

How many teams were totally out of any race (save for the race to the bottom) by the end of April? I would argue that last year most fans knew before Memorial Day that their team would have no chance what so ever on over half the teams in the league. How many fans knew going in to the season that it was going to be a long shot for their club to even make .500? I know there were a fair few who knew almost without a doubt that their team would lose over 85 games on the season before it started. Those fans aren't going to buy season tickets, they're not going to plan a trip to see their team play, they're not going to pay for overpriced tickets and concessions. They're going to let their owners know they don't like the direction their team is going by not showing up.

This offseason is just another example of the hubris of the owners. Nobody is willing to spend money to hire a big name free agent to get their fans excited and give them hope that they should show up at the park. They are simply looking at the numbers and feel that they can still turn a profit by having a lower payroll and spin a rebuilding year by trotting out a few young guys and "value" vets. That said, it's mostly boring baseball. The metrics don't seem to care as much about putting a ball in play so strikeouts are treated the same as a can of corn or a line out or a ground out. The problem is that without contact, without balls in play, it's boring. Toss in the use of the shift and the unwillingness to bunt or adjust as hitters and even the balls in play aren't that exciting. There are fewer chances for an error, a Texas League hist, a duck snort, a ground ball with eyes, or legging out an infield single. In other words boring.

If I am going to spend $100 or more to bring a couple of kids to a game, I at least want them to see some action. If it rolls to the 6th inning with a 3-0 score because one team hit a couple of solo shots and there are 4 hits, and all of 5 base runners in the game, the kids will long ago have gotten bored and moved on to other things because the game doesn't really even resemble the game they play on the weekends.

Ownership needs to do more in the stadium to make it fan friendly. If they aren't going to win they need to at least find a way to make fans show up. Have a great pitcher so people want to see him start, have a hitter that is amazing to watch, have some fast guys who are going to go crazy on the bases. Give the fans a reason to go to the games.

Trying to speed up pitchers and monkeying with the mechanics of the game isn't going to change that. The play on the field is still boring, speeding it up isn't going to help significantly.