actually, Joe D was born in Martinez-East Bay
by olson (2019-02-09 12:01:16)
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Dad DiMaggio (Giuseppe) lived there alone for awhile-4 years (off Albambra Creek, where he tied up his fishing boat ) until he sent for his family in Italy. Joe D was born there- the family moved to North Beach SF- where Joe grew up(as you correctly point out).

Supposedly, Joe D's big sister got a splinter in her eye while playing on the train tracks in Martinez....the nearest doctor to treat her was across the Bay in SF & Mom DiMaggio had to make many a trip (25 miles) with her daughter for treatments...soon after, Mom got tired of the trip & the whole family moved across the bay.

Martinez still claims Joe D as one of their own(per the town website)..

I used to go to DiMaggio's restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf in the late '70s(on business trips to SF -expecting/hoping to see Joe D...the owners (who had bought the place, but kept the name) used to 'advertise' that Joe D came in from time to time....not sure he actually ever did, but it helped business.....

ok...WAY more than anyone wants to know...except for the linked menu from DiMaggio's restaurant = Filet Mignon for $ 3.25 & Fresh Sandabs(in season) for $1.20.....