The young ace pitcher was killed in a wreck
by OITLinebacker (2019-02-10 21:23:15)

In reply to: Were your Royals tanked intentionally or just fall apart?  posted by sprack

Then they went cheap on the bullpen, couldn’t sign a decent starter and essentially wasted a group of talented players in 16. They tried and failed to recapture the glory in one last try in17, and then just wouldn’t shell out the money for the free agents in ‘18. Hosler took an extra million per year to go to San Diego, I guess the better weather made up for the higher COL out there because it certainly wasn’t for being on that much better of a team. Cain went to Milwaukee followed by Moose and with that most of the core offense was gone.

The death of Ventura really ended the long term hopes of the Team because he had a chance to be that special top end starter that the team needed badly and will never sign as a free agent. Then they traded a fair part of the rest of the farm to try to squeeze one more playoff run but the back end of the pen fell off a cliff when they let Davis and Holland walk for a song.

They are a few years away as the next core is down winning it all in AA ball and probably won’t all matriculate up to AAA by the end of this season. Another good draft year might give them hope in 21.

This years team will steal a lot of bases, have a solidif not top 5 defense and likely have a terrible if not horrific on base %, runs scored, blown saves, and starters ERA. If some of ythe old vets and free agents play up to or above career years and some of the younger players have breakout years they could hang around in a very bad division before likely selling hard at the trade deadline in the hopes of geetting enough long term talent to fill the farm gaps enough to make another run. They could be the worst team in baseball next season but I figure they’ll finish 3rd in the Central with just enough hope to think that maybe next year isn’t so far away.