It's amazing to watch the players get so pissed off about
by HTownND (2019-02-12 10:52:58)
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This, it's virtually guaranteeing a work stoppage in the not too distant future.

If Bryce Harper turned down 10 years and 300 million from the Nats, he was getting some really bad advice. That doesn't engender a ton of sympathy from anyone.

He's not getting screwed over, he has an over inflated sense of his own worth.

"In a conversation with The Post, Boras said in Harper’s time with the Nationals, the club’s value climbed more than four times, attendance increased by 600,000 and TV ratings tripled, and that his client had a substantial hand in those rises.

"They did not pay anywhere near [Harper’s] $400 million to $500 million in [true value],” Boras said. “This has been great value and is great value."

The problem here is not the owners.