The effing Chicago Bears…
by wiNDycityfan (2022-01-09 16:40:37)
Edited on 2022-01-09 17:26:41

The Bears had 4 4th and short situations today, all of which were run via shotgun empty backfield with a statue behind center (2 of which interestingly were play action). In the end, none of them were converted. It’s like Nagy did his best Rex Grossman and said “fuck it, if I’m going to go down, I’m going down my way”.

All in all, this team ends the season with yet another pathetic offense, no matter who is calling plays, a defense that is prone to blowing coverages because the secondary sucks, a coaching staff that is not sure what the hell they are doing, QB play that has been inconsistent, OL and DL play that has been inconsistent (aside from Quinn). There are no game breakers on offense, no one that scares a defense. Lastly, little draft capital, like half the team will be coming up to unrestricted free agency, and we know how cheap and bad they are at managing personnel.

Fuck George McCaskey. Chicago teams (pre-Epstein, pre-Rocky Wirtz, pre-Karnisovas) are a pain in the ass. Here wishing I get to see the post-McCaskey era.