That was an embarrassing press conference… (edit)
by wiNDycityfan (2022-01-10 15:10:45)
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George is going to rely on the trust he has of his accountant, a man who has been out of football for a decade, and a diversity officer Tanisha, to determine who will run the football side of the franchise - AND by the way, the head coach may be hired before the GM, who will report directly to George, after he says “I’m not a football person, I’m just a fan.”

The only thing Bill Polian is known for in the last ten years is repeatedly saying that MVP QB Lamar Jackson should have been moved to WR.

Thankfully Ted Marchibroda is already dead. Seriously though, I think it’s gonna be Jim Caldwell.

This organization is run worse than an Ace Hardware, while the rest of the NFL is a Home Depot-like corporation and culture. What a disaster. George McCaskey makes Jack Swarbrick look like Steve Jobs.