A little more tortured than that, but yes ...
by CJC (2022-01-20 17:41:00)
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In reply to: A thing you learned en route to looking up other things?  posted by Father Nieuwland

Remarkably, I forgot Britt Burns (thanks, Tito Landrum and Slotts) when trying to guess a pitcher from that team whose last name started with a "B" and appeared on a list of highest single-season WAR.

Once I remembered Baumgarten, I wanted to refresh my memory about his career. He was a supporting actor in a favorite college memory.

A few friends and I were attending opening day at Comiskey Park in 1981. Lo and behold, we were sitting near David Israel, award-winning sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune at the time.

After Baumgarten threw a pitch that was called a ball to the first batter of the game Israel stood up and bellowed, "Throw a strike, you bum!!"

We've retold that story many of times, having spent our undergraduate years working in ND Sports Information and The Observer.

Only within the last year or so, as my buddy (who was in attendance) was working on a book chronicling his attendance at one (or more) MLB openers for 50 straight years, did we get the whole story.

Israel was in the stands with colleagues celebrating his imminent departure from the Tribune and move to LA. They had started drinking long before the 1:15 p.m. first pitch.

As it turns out, Israel and Baumgarten were friends.

And you thought my original post contained more than you wanted to know.

And nice Sydney Harris reference in your subject line.