1980 was last season of a 2-10-1 stretch that followed a...
by Scoop80 (2022-01-21 17:55:14)
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17 year stretch of consecutive winning seasons. In that sorry 13 year span, Sox had 1 winning season and 1 .500 season in which Dick Allen won the AL HR title. In the 11 other seasons, there were 1977 S. Side Hit Men and 10 losing seasons.

Put another way, in 11 years Harry was on the mike, they had 3 winning, 7 losing, and 1 .500 record.

Another odd factoid of that era is that, prior to '71, they never had a HR champ. They had Melton in '71 and Allen in '72 & '74. I don't recall them having one since.