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Some nice trends from the game. by Otter

Doss had 10 saves and looked very sharp. UVA went a man up, and he made a save. ND killed the penalty and UVA immediately went a man up again. Doss made another save. UVA stopped the clear and a third save finally gave the ball to ND. A great sequence momentum-wise.

Perkovic looked like Perkovic. Didn't force any shots, but when they put a 5'10 short stick on him, he bull rushed and whirled for quality shot and a goal. Scored 3 times on 4 shots.

Announcer said UVA was the highest scoring team in the NCAA coming into the game. Holding them to 10 goals while playing an extra 3 mins in OT works for me.

Ryder Garnsey is getting better and better. His shot making creativity is really cool to watch.
Garnsey gets the glory for the game winner, but Garrett Epple really won the game for ND. UVA basically ignored him on the clear and looked to double team the middie he looked to pass to. Instead, Epple ran past both UVA defenders (one of them dove at him and fell down) and created a 4 on 3 advantage for ND. He attacked the UVA goal and passed off to Garnsey for the game winner.

It's nerve racking to blow a 7-3 lead, but UVA is a good team getting better. It's a good ACC win.