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My thoughts by Steelhop

1) agreed. There is too much pushing the calendar forward but this ties into number 2
2) Yes, the fact the number of games can be determined by what type of events in the fall you do makes it really weird. Let teams play 2 get togethers in the fall and then set a number of games (or events for tournaments) and not let teams play a mish mash of a number of games. There was a time the season didn't start until the 1st weekend in March. Now teams are playing games as early as the first weekend in February.
3) Relying solely on RPI is a mistake but no one had issues with it when the ACC was getting 5 teams into the tournament and the Ivy was only getting one team. Given that 2 Ivys made the FF and played Maryland about as tough as anyone, it seems to me they got the field right.
4) This is never going to happen. The NCAA wants to have the FF and Championship game on TV. If they don't do it by Memorial Day weekend, lacrosse would never make it on ESPN (or would be shuffled off to ESPN+) because ESPN will be showing baseball and softball tournaments. I don't disagree with premise. Though maybe with Juneteenth now being a holiday, they can match the final four and championship game with that weekend.