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Excellent suggestions by BeijingIrish

I suppose the first decision you should make is where to stay, Central or Kowloon. I always stay in Central--I just like it better on that side, and it's where the harbor views are possible. I don't know what your budget is. When I traveled on my employer's dime, I stayed at the Mandarin, and, as time went on, at other nice 5* hotels, e.g., Conrad, Four Seasons, and Shangri-la. But it is my first visit to the Mandarin (1975) that always sticks in my mind. When I arrived at the front door, my luggage was whisked away. By the time I had checked in and escorted to my room, my luggage had been unpacked (suits hanging in the closet, socks and undies in chest drawers), and my formal shoes had been taken away to be shined.

The suggestion to take a ferry to one of the outlying islands is a great one. If I had arrived on a trans-Pac flight, I always allocated the first day for getting over jet-lag, and a ferry trip out to one of the islands was a good tonic. Lantau and Cheung Chau are the best known ferry destinations, but there are some others that are fun and interesting (see