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Yes, an excruciating loss for those kids ... by CJC

All three of the players had enough time to get to the ball.

IMO, the second baseman had the right idea, at least vis-à-vis the first baseman. As a former first baseman, I'll readily concede that in the vast majority of cases, the second baseman is a better athlete and is just better/more comfortable tracking flies/popups. Additionally, the second baseman typically has a better angle on a play like that, and did on that play, although the ball was close enough to the stands that it wasn't the first baseman's worst nightmare, a ball nearly directly over his head.

Of course, the second baseman didn't execute very well. Brushing the first baseman was a product of his aggressiveness, but the over-aggressiveness really manifested itself when he overran the flight of the ball. I'm sure that the adrenaline produced by the game situation played some role in that.

I wholeheartedly agree with ndgotrobbed that it appeared that the rightfielder didn't "want" the ball. That's horrible for the outfielder. With the ball "reachable" by all three players, he has the easiest play, since he's coming in. He has to "want" that ball and call everybody else off and make the play.