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Project/Production Manager seeking FT position - NYC area by 94njirish

After 15+ years with the NBA, I am in the market for a full-time position in the NYC area:

•Project Manager and Producer with experience in sports entertainment and media.

•Deliver projects on time and within budget by coordinating various resources, both external and internal, such as facilities, talent and legal.

•Experience in documentary style television programs, digital integration, short-form features and corporate sales videos, all for Domestic and International distribution.

I am including a link to my LinkedIn Profile.

My background, at first glance, is television production but having spent such an extensive time at the NBA, I have experience with brand management, marketing, sponsorship integration, etc. It may not have always been direct experience or the main focus but there were definitely elements of my position of Production Manager that involved these other areas.

I am looking for opportunities that would utilize my background and skills but that aren't necessarily explicit production jobs, preferably heading in more of a marketing direction. With that said, I am open to taking a step "back" in order to move forward.

Also taking classes to add skills and expand knowledge base.

Any leads or guidance are appreciated.

Email attached.