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Two-time Emmy winner looking to change careers by irish628

Probably a third Emmy on the way.

My son Matt (ND '02) is with NBC Olympics and has won a Sports Emmy for his work in each of the last two Olympic Games. He just completed his work for the very successful London Games and is basically touring patiently until he meets up with classmates for the Navy game. That is not a's just an indication of his talent and dedication to craft.

But Matt would like to move on and work more in the computer field, his area of training and interest. He is a 33 year old workout warrior, fun, hard working, ethical and wicked smart. He would like to stay in the NYC area if possible, though a relocation to NC where two of his siblings live would be considered.

If anyone has or knows of a possible fit in their area, please send my a reply.

Thanks in advance for any help.