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Engineers and others needed - BioTech Washington, DC by vernkupp

Looking for a variety of engineers and others for a biotech company just north of Washington DC. Privately held company, over 800 people, 25 years old, etc.

Company is biomarker reader and consumable development and manufacturing focused, but is also branching out into new spaces as it grows.

Mechanical, Systems, Electrical, Chemical, Firmware, PCB design, automation, electromechanical, software, optical, fluidics, etc.

Positions in product design, product development, process development, manufacturing, and pure research.

Looking for entry level (bachelors to PhD) as well as experienced.

Also openings across the company in assay development and research, marketing, quality, software, operations, etc. Company growing fast.

Some positions are required to be on site, some are available for remote or hybrid.

Email me directly for more information.